Saturday, October 23, 2010


I create this word coz I’m really love it. know y??coz this word is a combination of our team’s member. Okay, let me introduce one by one kay.. Firstly, “F” for fara or’s me..My real name is Nur Farhana Binti Mohd Amaluddin. .I’m from Muar..what else bout me that u all want to know hmm??? we go to the second  “A” for ameerah..we call her myra or mia...Her real name is Ameerah Zakiah Binti A. Ramlee..She is from Batu Pahat but now, she lives at Pasir Gudang,JB..The third is “Z” for zana or oren..Her real name is Syazana Binti Sabri..She is the most active in our group..hehe..She is from Pasir Gudang too..The unique bout her is, she lives at Blue Water Garden..haa...where is it???haha...okay,now is “A” for amirul..his name was really weird..mie or from where??dunno...ask him kay..His real name is Mohamad Amirul Shafiq Bin Noor Nazuli..He stay at Kempas,JB..He is the most silent in our group..dunno y..btw,he is nice..;)hmm...the last person in our group is “S” for ruku...The “S” was came from his real name Mohamad Syafiq Bin Md. Top..ha,u all know y i put him on the last??coz he is “pra matang” means the most childish or immature in our group..haha..he is from Muar..same as me..neway,i love u all the most!!hope we’ll long-lasting...
"F" - Fara or Fafa

"A" - Ameerah,Myra or Mia

"Z" - Zana or Oren

"A" - Amirul,Mie or Kekau

"S" - Syafiq or Ruku